Water sports palace in russia

Water Sports Palace in Russia

Architecture | 03.06.2015

The Palace of Water Sports is a unique place in Russia. Built in Kazan city as part of the preparation for holding the latest Summer Universiade, in 2013.

The Universiade, also known as the World University Games, is a multi-sport event organized for university athletes every four years.

Designed by the russian office "Speech Tchoban/Kuznetsov", this complex is made entirely of laminated wood arcs used as bearing elements, forming a structure traditional in Tartar architecture.

We can also assume that this is one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials thanks to a sustainable resource easy to recycle and the overall performance characteristics which wood demonstrates in high humidity conditions.

This place is definitely an interesting combination of sport & architecture.

Architects: SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov

Location: Russia

Area: 10387 sqm

Year: 2012

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