Design | 28.09.2016

What a good way to start this week with this new creative project, coming from Thailand!

Bangkok, a city of eight million built over a swamp, is desperately running out of space lately, with new malls and residential projects often destroying poorer communities and food markets.

So, after seeing the wasted space in between residences, the Unusual Football Pitch project started. Work of property developer AP Thai, with help from digital agency CJ Worx, the companies wanted to create a space that could change the lives of young people in the Bangkok slum area.

They came up with a concept for four football pitches, which they claim are the first of their kind: Transform irregularly-shaped areas into practical football fields that still allow fair play.

Because it was impossible to create traditional rectangular pitches , the four new playing fields had to adhere to the boundaries and limitations of the space (like an L and a U). Each space is painted in brick-red, and features pitch markings in grey.

“We hope that other communities will adapt this idea to change their own irregular space,” the agency said.

“This unusual football field has proven that designing outside boundaries can help foster creativity used to develop these useful spaces.”

What a good initiative, we hope others will follow!

Discover these unusual football pitches in Bangkok in the video & pictures below.

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