The Heroin Project

Technology | 29.05.2016

The Heroin Project is a brand new concept supported by French entrepreneur Marc Simoncini to create the ultimate bike. This quest for perfection led him to assemble a team of artisans and innovators, and it took them two years to build this limited edition.

The Heroin bike is the first racing bike of its kind. It is designed and assembled in France, from parts manufactured in Italy by craftsmen of exceptional know-how and an unmatched mastery of carbon. Driven by their passion for innovation, they have risen to the challenge of making a bicycle that stands out from the pack by reconciling exceptional performance and technical prowess with elegance and good looks.

The French luxury brand Heroin was created out of a quest for absolute perfection. The approach to designing this coveted object is inspired by the “modulor,” a legendary architectural concept that according to its inventor, Le Corbusier, unlocks the secret of ideal proportions to achieve perfect harmony between humans and the space they live in. Adhering to the same rigorous standards, the creators of Heroin have succeeded in combining raw materials and natural lines to craft a unique, “perfect” bicycle.

There are only 349 models available, which can only be ordered online. The Heroin is delivered fine-tuned and ready to ride.

For more than two years, each part of the Heroin bike was conceived, designed, and developed with performance, elegance, and the tiniest details in mind.

The carbon fiber used, the shape of the tubes, and even the finish texture were conceived and redesigned to turn this bike combining aesthetic beauty and advanced technology into something exceptional.

This ultimate bike is now available to order at a classy 14 900€, but keep in mind that each model is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Discover the Heroin Project in the images below.

More infos on www.heroin-project.com
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