The Future of Table Tennis

Technology | 02.05.2016

It is official, summer season is ON... And what better way to enjoy a late afternoon with your friends at home than throwing a table tennis tournament?!

You will always be the last man standing with this new project from Thomas Mayer. The German designer focused on a totally modern way to play this simple game - until now - with the invention of the Table Tennis Trainer 3000.

This project was launched under his Bachelor’s degree thesis, and with only two motion-tracking PlayStation Eye cameras and a projector above the table, it is a whole new setup.

The result is insane with a live-mapping projection on the table that presents tons of information for the players, including scoreboards, training schedules and performance reviews.

The most exciting features, however, are the training modules that provide accuracy and focus training, among others. Hopefully a mass market version is coming, as it would be a massive hit for sure!

What Thomas Mayer said about his personal project:

"The basic idea of my bachelor thesis was to track the ping pong ball in realtime to create data visualisations for trainers and players. After a few weeks of working I started developing a projected mapped interface for the ping pong table to show the collected data. By projecting game obstacles on the surface I figured out that I can change the game play totally."

I guess he did... Are you ready for Table Tennis 2.0?

More infos on thomas-mayer.de
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