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Videos | 01.02.2016

We are back this week with a winter round-up for once. Following Casey Neistat in the snowy streets of New York City during Jonas' storm or pro bikers trying to hurtle down slopes, you may find an adrenaline shoot for the week ahead !

First, for those who might haven't seen it yet, YouTuber Casey Neistat is back this year with his new video in which he goes snowboarding in the streets of NYC during the blizzard. Once again, one of the coolest video so far :

On the other hand, when snowboarding becomes too easy or repetitive, you can bring your bike and do crazy stuff on empty slopes.. 'Casey Brown, Cam McCaul and a few of their pals cause some shenanigans all for the thrill of some fresh turns, but on their bikes. With no rules, what could go wrong?'

Back to snowboarding with these three youngsters in an empty Water Park. With a reputation for being the most dangerous water park in America during the ’80s, the Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey, is the ideal spot for the Redbull Team :

Not a regular one. With an extended partnership for the 2016 NHL season, Go Pro gives us an immersive look at what happens on the ice during late night training sessions. See the game from the perspectives of players like Claude Giroux, Tomas Tatar, Henrik & Daniel Sedin. See for yourself their skills :

Finally, we get rid of the mountains and head back to Berlin with Tim Knoll, one of the most creative BMX riders in the world. The American rider describes his style as BMX Freestyle; think gymnastics meets BMX. Influenced by acrobatics, his bag o' tricks is deeper than most, and his riding takes BMX flatland to a whole new level :

Stay tuned for more videos soon. Have a good week !

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