Videos | 17.10.2016

We are back with the 'Spotted' series where you can find the best & funniest recent videos around the web. This week, you will find the return of the snow with two impressive snowboarding videos, the latest Dany McAskill's video in Scotland with his insane tricks, and a brand new surf video that we love.

First, winter is coming so it means that the white season is approaching.. What better way to feel it than a Patagonia movie based on the history of snowboarding? Entitled "Foothills: The Unlinked Heritage of Snowboarding", the movie focuses on the people of Petran, Turkey who have been snowboarding for roughly 300-years.

In the same vein, Vans has finally released its new snowboarding short film titled “First Layer Japan”. Following riders such as Markus Keller and Nils Arvidsson, the film follows a team of insane snowboarders in their quest of the best powder.

Then, Danny McAskill is back with his brand new film, "Wee Day Out". The Scottish trials legend needs no introduction in the bike world, and he is once again tearing around his homeland in this wild new edit. Check for yourself!


Finally, last but not least, we feature a short surf video made by Denis & Gustavo. The duo followed Nic Von Rupp & Tom Lowe during a couple of sessions around Portugal to make "One of these days". The result is captivating:

Have a good week!

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