Serendipity Sport x Edifice - Tokyo Store

Places | 20.11.2016

Back in September, we were in Japan for the opening of our latest project: a shop-in-shop with EDIFICE.

Part of the Baycrews Group, Edifice focuses on menswear & premium international brands with a refined style.

So they asked us to recreate our modern environment dedicated to Sport & Lifestyle inside their flagship store in Tokyo.

Located in Shinjuku district a few blocks away from Isetan, arguably the trendiest department store in Japan, the shop aims to showcase a unique selection of quality brands and products.

For the occasion, we gathered 15 french & international brands around our motto since day 1: Where sport meets the unexpected.

We always work on unique products, made entirely for our special projects. So, this time we have partnered with designers, artists & photographers to offer a bold environment dedicated to sport.

For instance, we are delighted to present the first lifestyle collection of the Paris Running Club. Designed in Paris by Ruben Gerard and made in Japan, this collection is the first of a long list.

We are elated with the special cruiser from Pure Slo - numbered 1, 2, 3 - or the art pieces from French designer Marine Breynaert (set of dumbbells made with bronze, granite & brass).

Also, we would like to thank Morgan Maassen, a Californian photographer whose work is now known around the world but who followed us in this journey.

In a nutshell, we tried our best to build this fresh environment around Sport & Lifestyle for a Japanese audience.

We are proud to say that the entire space is superb, and the set up combines perfectly with our vision, so make sure to swing by if you are in Tokyo in the next 6 months!

All the info here:

EDIFICE Shinjuku

2F 3-31-9 Shinjuku-ku / Tokyo - Japan

Until March 2017

Discover the space below and a selection of products displayed.

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