Le Coq Sportif - Cycling Club

Equipment | 28.04.2016

Last summmer, Le Coq Sportif teamed up with the concept-store Colette to produce the first "Colette Cycling Club". For the second year, the French label has extended its concept and has collaborated with four other selective shops worldwide: Slam Jam, FootPatrol, Highs and Lows, and Sivasdescalzo.

Each shop has received his own design on cycling equipment including a T-shirt, a pair of sneakers and a pair of socks. Each pack is unique and in very limited quantities. You could find a pair of LCS R1000, designed for Colette, a LCS R900 for Slam Jam, a LCS R800 for Footpatrol and High & Lows, and finally a LCS RXVI for Sivasdescalzo.

All these packs will be respectively available from April 30 in each store in very limited edition: only 30 per shop.

Check in the images below the full selection.

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