Iconic Porsche 911 by Chris Labrooy

| 25.05.2016

Few months ago, we stumbled upon an artist whose work seemed very unique, he was working on his instalment of car series in Tokyo.

He is back with his latest Art Cars instalment, in Palm Springs this time.

UK-based artist Chris Labrooy is interested in the intersection between typography, architecture, product design & visual art.

Using the iconic shape of a Porsche 911 Carrera RS, the artist/designer has achieved to produce some wonderfully stylised work with bold colours. Set in Palm Springs, the instalment fits perfectly with its environment, and allows the 911 cars to express some kind of feeling according to each position they are transformed into.

We love the fact that these iconic Porsche cars are almost animated!

Discover the full series below and click on the link for more of Chris Labrooy's work.

More infos on www.chrislabrooy.com
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