GoPro VR Videos - The 360° revolution

Videos | 24.04.2016

Last September, Facebook and GoPro teamed up to launch 360-degree video support. They were one of the first companies to jump on this opportunity.

The principle is pretty simple: it is a spherical ring made up of 6 GoPro cameras connected between them to have a 360° view. To experience this new spherical content, you do not need a headset or something special, you simply need to log in Facebook and check on your News Feed.

On the web, the content can be explored by dragging the mouse around the video. On Android and iOS devices, viewers can drag their finger across the screen or turn the device on its side to navigate.

Few months later, we recall a dozen of high quality videos that you can experience online. Personnally, we discovered a whole new level of immersive content!

You can feel the surfer entering the barrel in Hawaii, or you can basically jump with the driver in the middle of nowhere... All these crazy things you dreamed of one day may now be possible thanks to this awesome technology!

See for yourself how it feels to be an extreme sport lover!

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