Courts by Ward Roberts

Photography | 21.05.2015

Our first focus had to be on someone we were following since the very beginning. In his latest series - Courts - the Australian photographer Ward Roberts shows a poetic interpretation of colors and composition through outdoor sport places.

He spent four years documenting courts and fields from all around the world, with a focus on five cities : Melbourne, New York, London, Bali & Hong Kong.

Indeed, Hong Kong is a special place for him - where he grew up - and he succeeded in capturing the uniqueness of these uncanny courts. There is a true beauty in each picture, with graphic lines and a palette of pastel colors.

But, what appears to be the most poetic gesture in his series is the absence of people. Empty playing grounds are mystical, bringing all kind of details for the viewers. It takes us somewhere unexpected, where our mind can wander a bit further.

See our selection below.

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