'Cities of Basketball' by Kasper Nyman

Photography | 21.05.2016

If you follow us, you know how much we love courts' photographs in general, and especially basketball courts ones. We usually entitle these images 'Hoop Dreams' as they simply are the hoops we all dreamt about!

This is the central subject of Danish photographer Kasper Nyman in his latest project, 'Cities of Basketball'.

"By capturing empty basketball courts all over the world, he managed to seize the differences between these playgrounds that are yet linked by the same purpose. Places of meeting, of training, of victories, of challenges, of disappointments, and of memories, these pitches show how the practice of a sport can tend to be different depending on a place and on an atmosphere."

From New York to Berlin, from Miami to Copenhagen, the Danish photographer shows us all kinds of courts. We love the fact that it simply depicts the universality of this sport and its roots to culture and the environment.

Scroll through the photos below and visit Nyman’s website for more information and images.

More infos on www.citiesofbasketball.com
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