Aerial Swimming-Pools

Photography | 06.06.2016

Maybe you know about our inconditional love for aerial photography.. If you don't, we are going to give you a little taste with Stephan Zirwes' work.

When you are in the air, everything seems to appear differently, from a different perspective. It offers us a new image of the wolrd we are living in and presents nuances that are usually imperceptible at ground level.

In his latest series 'Pools', Stephan Zirwes shot a multitude of unique swimming-pools around the world. He began with German public pools, and decided to show a contrast with spa baths in Hungary or private pools in South America.

As usual, his photographs are taken from a helicopter, using a small, high-resolution Hasselblad camera, rather than a drone.

“I’ve tried doing these shots with drones, but it never satisfies me (..) Apart from the legal issues, people always tend to look up. In a helicopter, I can take my time and find the right pattern.”

In the series below, we discover lots of improbable forms and colors. We love the contrast between the image and the unique patterns around. The result is stunning once again!

Follow the link for more of the German photographer's work.

More infos on www.stephanzirwes.com
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